It’s no secret that vocal tuning is a modern music production standard element. Even the best and most talented singers can sometimes hover, sharp or flat, around the note they are singing.  An engineer might also have an otherwise perfect take that they have comped with just a hint of pitchiness here or there. In these instances, vocal tuning can be applied to smooth out any rough patches in a performance.

 The Sonic Mud Records engineers use the latest softwares to correct the pitch, time and harmonic elements of your vocal recording.  Make your vocals sound professional, natural and sit perfectly in the mix. You just need to send us your vocal track along with a stereo mix of your music using our exclusive cloud portal and we will do the rest. At the end of the process you will have a perfect in tune vocal track, and you can also couple this with our exclusive vocal processing if you wish. The experinced ears of our engineers combined with our high-end analogue gear chain will bring life and unlock all the potential of your vocal recording!