Was your drummer a little less than perfect? Drum editing  is a labour intensive job and there is nothing more important than the ears of an experienced audio mixer to get your drums sounding tight and punchy within the mix. At Sonic Mud Records we will edit, quantize and mix your drum tracks to reveal its full potential. Place your order at the store page and send us your drum tracks and a stereo track of your music (if there is one already) and we will make the drum magic happen. 


 Drums replacement is now a routine production job in genres ranging from pop and indie to high‑tempo metal, and even live sound. Altering the timbre of your drum kit is one of the most dramatic changes you can make during a mix. To this end, EQ and dynamics processing (gating, expansion, compression, transient-shaping) have been used for many years, but most lately, engineers are also 'triggering' drum samples to replace or augment recorded drum parts.

 Drum replacement can be used as a creative or corrective technique and the results can be as obvious as you like. Sometimes it is the only way to get the clarity required in the drums to cut through the wall of music that is expected these days. Place your order and discuss your project with us using our exclusive cloud portal. 


 Drum programming is essentially composing with drums. There’s one musical element that’s fundamental to the music…groove.  Without a solid groove, music is not music.  All instruments in a song should contribute to groove, but there is one in particular that lay the foundation for it: The drums. 


 So, we can argue that groove is formed first and foremost with drums. In that case, if you want electronic drums on your track, don’t you think you should put a fair bit of effort into getting the programming right them? Electronic drums can sound cheap and robotic if not done carefully, considering all the groove elements such as the nuances in sound, time, volume and intensity. Sonic Mud Records offers professional electronic drums programming, and by that we mean electronic drums that groove!