Drum programming is essentially composing with drums. There’s one musical element that’s fundamental to the music…groove.

Without a solid groove, music is not music. Groove should be the basis for all your tracks, assuming your goal is to make people dance (by dance, I mean anything from tapping a foot to spinning with all limbs flailing everywhere). People get hung up on this because they think groove means lowering the tempo to 125BPM and make a funky tech house track. This is bad thinking. Groove can take on many different forms; a 175BPM drum and bass track can have groove, just as a 140BPM tech-trance banger can. Groove does not mean swing, it just means the track has a solid rhythm that people can identify with. 

All instruments in a song should contribute to groove, but there are two in particular that lay the foundation for it: drums and bass.

Though the two work together, there’s a significant difference between drums and bass in terms of their contribution to groove. 

So, we can argue that groove is formed first and foremost with drums. In that case, don’t you think we should put a fair bit of effort into getting the programming right them? 

Sonic Mud Records offers different packages for electronic drums programming and eletronic instruments recording:

Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums and Bass

Electronic Drums, Bass and added electronic intruments 

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