Session tracks, Mixing or Mastering


Before uploading your material to our project portal you need to make sure that it attains the minimum requirements, so it can be well worked on and you will have a guaranteed good result. We provide clear step-by-step videos so you can double check all the details before uploading your material to our interactive portal. Please note that failing in providing these requirements might cause your project to be put on hold (You would receive a message asking you to improve your material) and it might cause delays to your project completion.  


Format and Sample rate: If you have already committed to a Sample rate as you are mixing within your DAW please provide audio at the existing sample rate to avoid any unnecessary sample rate conversion. If your intention is a commercial realease in a CD format we would suggest you to record at 44.1Kbps. We would require the format to be recorded in Wav, preferably at 24 bits, if your original audio is 16 bits we will commit to the same format.


Processing Recommendations:

NO Limiting.

NO Normalising.

NO Buss Compression.

3db Headroom (audio should peak not be higher than -3db).



Music production


Any of our music production packages include the assistance of one of our music producers, mixing and mastering. First you will be asked to upload a 'sketch' or a demo of your song to the folder 'Sketches and guide tracks' at the 'Unprocessed files tab', our producer will then upload a well recorded guide track to the same file and to the 'Preview window'. We can then start working on your song. Once the skeleton of the song is agreed, our musicans will start recording their parts under the guidance of the producer. We will start by the Drum track, then the Bass track and then the Base intruments such as Base guitar, Acoustic guitar, Base piano, etc. If you are a singer, you will be asked to upload your Voice track, otherwise we will advise you of when to record and upload your Instrument track. At this point our producer will prepare a 'rough mix' and your music will already start sounding like a professional recording. It comes then the fun bit. Our musicians will overdub new sounds which will give your song more character and will bring out the uniqueness of the work. After all done your song will be professionally mixed, mastered and you will have a professional sounding Stereo Track ready for commercial release.