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Session Tracks Prices



Colaborate with world-class musicians


Sonic Mud Records platform allows you to work directly with our renowed session musicians on the same project. Once you choose the instrument, the musicians which you would like to work with and placed the order you will receive an email with your login details to our portal and also links to step-by-step videos, recording tips, and all the 'get started' information. You will be able to upload your own recordings, all the song information and communicate with the musicians so you can obtain exactly what you expect of the recording  and have a finished and polished track ready for commercial release. There are no hidden fees and you can also select other aditional instruments later during the recording process if you wish so.  


• Drums

£140 per track up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute


• Bass

£140 per track up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute


• Guitars

1. Basic  

Stereo guitar track including one solo and intro layer: £140


2. Standard set  

Stereo base guitar, second stereo guitar layer, solo and intro: £170


3. Professional

Stereo guitar, up to three stereo guitar layers, solo and intro: £200


*Tracks up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute. Acoustic or Electric options.


• Horns

1. Single instrument track

Saxophone, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, flute or harmonica: £140


2. Horns session

Trumpet, saxophone, trombone: £250


*Tracks up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute


• Keys

1.Piano track: £140

2.Synth track: £140

3.Organ track: £140

4.Electric piano track: £140


*Tracks up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute


• Percussion

1. Basic

Two percussion instruments: £115

2. Standard set

Four percussion instruments £170

3. Full set

Six percussion instruments (we will decide which percussion instruments are adequate for the song): £200


• Strings

1. Basic  

Single instrument track: £140


2. Standard set  

Stereo layered instrument track (Up to three layers): £170


3. Professional

Stereo strings session: £250


*Tracks up to 5mins + £15 per extra minute


• Vocals

One main vocal or a backing vocal track with up to three layers: £170


• Electronics and Sampled

1. Electronic drums: £100

2. Electronic drums and bass: £140

3. Electronic drum, bass and added electronic instruments: £170


Our prices include one free alteration and if you are not completely happy with the result of the work in the end, you get a 50% reduced fee for a second alteration. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Music Production Prices

Our Music Production Packages

• Basic package

Perfect for acoustic songs and minimalist sets:

2 musicians (one track each musician), dedicated producer, mixing and mastering = £500

• Standard set

Our standard production package, which covers most genres and music styles:

4 musicians (one track each musician), dedicated producer, mixing and mastering = £850

• Professional

Full dedicated music production package, alike most commercial releases:

5 musicians (unlimited tracks or instrument layers), dedicated producer, mixing and mastering = £1400

* Please note that one musician track can be replaced by an 'Electronic drums and bass' track, or two musicians track by an 'Electronic, bass and added electronic instruments' track. 

• Soundtracks and Sound design

Please contact us for more information

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing = £300 per project

Mastering = £60 per track

Mixing and Mastering package = £350 per project