What is the standard format for the client material?

   The audio files should be in Wav format. We can commit to the sample rate and bit rate of your project if it is already recorded, if not we would recommend to start new projects using the  sample rate of 44.1KHz and the bit depth of 24 bits. 

How do I add musicians to a project if it has already started?

    If you already started your project and decided to add another instrument, you can always get in touch with us via email and we will add the musician of your choice to the project.

What is the ideal headroom for track recording

    We recommend that peak levels do not go over -10 dBFS, with signals hovering around -18 dBFS in average.

How long does it take to see my project live in the SMR cloud?

    Once the payment goes through you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24h of receiving this email all the musicians will be contacted, the project will be created in the cloud and you will receive a second email containing all the information and your login details.

How do I prepare my track for mastering?

Please click here for the information on how to prepare my track for mastering.

What is the track or project information at the check out page?

    To facilitate the work of the musicians and producers we request the track or project information at the checkout page, such as song name, musicians involved, key, chord sequences, tempo signature. This should speed up the process of recording as it would save time during the initial conversation at the project message center. 

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